Just like retail sales generally, the amount of shoppers that are turning to online shopping for their gift giving needs is growing at a rapid pace. It is estimated that over 50% of 2018 holiday gift giving was done online. It’s no coincidence that this new trend is on the rise a few years after Amazon fully optimized their checkout process to capitalize on this shift in consumer habits.

How did Amazon overhaul their gifting options? They added 3 simple functionalities:


(1) Add a gift message.

Conveying a personal message with a gift is a fundamental part of the giving experience.

(2)  One-click gift wrapping option.

Whether a store charges for a gift-wrap or includes it for free, giving customers the option of having it done can make all the difference for conversion rates.

(3)  Shipping to multiple address from a single checkout.

When a customer finds a gift that works for one person on their list, they’ll most likely think of someone else who would enjoy the same thing. Being able to purchase both gifts during a single checkout saves them from the tedious task of checking out once, and then adding the same product to their cart and checking out again. Here’s a statistic: Websites with more than three seconds of loading time lose 40% of their initial website visitors. Imagine what that means to the ordering of multiple gifts if it adds 10 minutes to a customer’s checkout process.

How we have helped Shopify merchants optimize their stores for gift giving:


Our all-in-one gifting app, Giftship, has pioneered the way that Shopify merchants are able to sell gifts online. It boasts an incredible range of gifting tools, like all of the above gifting options that Amazon has, plus many more!

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